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Identity and Background

What is the delegate’s identity and background?

Revelo Intel is an organization driven by a commitment to deep research, education, and furthering the knowledge of DeFi users, investors, and institutions. As a team, we are a global consortium of serious investors and analysts. We understand the crypto landscape, and more importantly, we know what information matters, where to find it, and how to leverage it effectively.

Our expertise doesn’t just benefit us; it’s a tool that our users and partners can utilize to navigate the often complex world of crypto. Our audience is a cohort of individuals who are serious about their investments and are actively seeking research with the clear intention of deploying capital. They’ve chosen to subscribe to our offering because they value the comprehensive, unbiased insights we deliver.

Has the delegate historically contributed to the Jito Network?

Many individual members of our team have long supported Jito; now we’re looking to support the protocol as an organization. While we have not yet had the opportunity for direct involvement with the Jito Network, our team has been actively engaged in researching and covering Jito’s developments. This has allowed us to build a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding of Jito’s role in the ecosystem.

We look forward to leveraging this expertise and our educated user base to make meaningful contributions to the Jito Network going forward. We believe that our collective knowledge and interest in Jito’s initiatives position us well to actively support and contribute to the success of the Jito Network.

Has the delegate historically been involved in protocol governance?

Although we haven’t previously been deeply involved in protocol governance, our extensive knowledge in this space positions us for impactful participation moving forward.

While our past involvement has been limited, we recognize the importance of governance and are committed to increasing our focus on it moving forward. We are in active conversations with protocols to push this initiative forward.

Is the delegate committed to helping the Jito Network and Solana succeed? Explain

Solana has solidified its position and importance in this space and we will support protocols that contribute to its longevity, decentralization, and success. As a delegate, our primary goals are to raise awareness about Jito and to cultivate a more informed Solana user base.

Our approach goes beyond just deploying capital or voting; we aim to have a tangible impact through extensive coverage and analysis of Solana. This commitment is mirrored in our specialized series of 60 Notes, each offering concise insights exclusively on Solana’s ecosystem. These notes are insightful summaries derived from an extensive array of podcasts and Twitter spaces, focusing on the developments within Solana. Among these, 26 Notes offer in-depth coverage of the Lightspeed podcast, where discussions predominantly revolve around Solana-related content.

Our efforts are not limited to information dissemination. We strive to educate users in a concise and efficient manner, as demonstrated by our Analyst Insight on the ‘Bull Case for $SOL’, which provides a comprehensive understanding of Solana’s value proposition and potential. This educational commitment is a cornerstone of our strategy to inform both Solana users and our broader audience about developments like JitoSOL.

As a delegate, we look forward to playing a role in the development of key Solana infrastructure, recognizing the significant growth Jito has achieved for itself and the networks as a whole. We understand the influential role of delegates in attracting new attention to protocols, akin to how entities like Stakecito in the Cosmos ecosystem keep communities informed and engaged, potentially boosting voter participation rates.

Driven by our educational focus, our multifaceted approach includes prioritizing transparency, enhancing user engagement, promoting network security, fostering ecosystem growth, and advocating for technical and operational excellence. We would leverage our expertise and platform to contribute to the success and advancement of both the Jito Network and Solana.

Bull Case for $SOL: https:// revelointel. com/insights/solana/
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Candidate views

How should JitoSOL validator delegation balance performance (yield) versus decentralization goals?

To effectively balance yield and decentralization in JitoSOL validator delegation, it’s important to adopt a flexible evaluation system. This system should rely on data-driven analysis to inform decisions, aiming to achieve harmony between competitive yields and the robustness of the network.

Decision-making should be informed by a blend of performance indicators and measures of decentralization, promoting a diverse range of validators across different geographical locations. And, it’s essential to foster staking practices that support decentralization, ensuring that the network remains resilient and avoids concentration of power.

What should be the priorities for JTO liquidity mining and DAO token grants?

For JTO liquidity mining and DAO token grants, the focus should be on catalyzing innovation within the ecosystem. Emphasis should be placed on backing projects that promise long-term sustainability. It’s also crucial to broaden the applications of jitoSOL, alongside the creation and dissemination of open-source resources and educational materials. Building collaborations with academic institutions for blockchain research and development can further enrich the ecosystem. Additionally, allocating resources to bolster network security and scalability should be a key consideration. Lastly, investing in initiatives that are driven by the community and support grassroots expansion efforts is essential for holistic growth.

What are your goals for the DAO as a delegate?

As a delegate for the DAO, our objectives include setting up models for decentralized governance that truly empower community involvement. We aim to improve the ways stakeholders engage with the ecosystem and support collaborations across different blockchain communities. Our focus will be on championing initiatives that make blockchain technology more accessible to all while leading with integrity in blockchain governance practices. We are committed to nurturing a community culture that values ongoing learning and adaptability. Additionally, promoting diversity and inclusivity among ecosystem participants is a key priority. Lastly, we will advocate for cross-chain interoperability, which is essential for expanding the network’s reach and enhancing its utility.


Our candidacy to be a delegate is driven by a commitment to fostering decentralized governance, empowering community participation, and enhancing stakeholder engagement. We are dedicated to supporting cross-ecosystem collaboration, democratizing blockchain access, and leading with ethical governance practices.

We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to this community and are grateful for your consideration of our candidacy.

Solana delegation address: 95NB6Ppg6bcAt1cS9ZK6GFZcLTXhcbT3GqTKJWXA2ctF

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