Delegate Proposal - Flipside

Identity and Background

What is the delegate’s identity and background?

This delegate platform will be managed by three members of the Flipside Ecosystem Growth & Innovation team:

  • Michael (@MilesFinched on X)
  • Ian (@dawbyinz on X)
  • Avi (@avimyers on X)

Flipside Crypto is a comprehensive blockchain data provider & growth partner. We work across numerous chains, and have been contributing to the Solana ecosystem since 2021. We help builders succeed through targeted user acquisition, data curation, and dashboards to monitor KPIs & drive protocol usage.

Has the delegate historically contributed to the Jito Network?

Flipside has been a strong supporter of the Jito Network with data analytics coverage. Some notable contributions include hosting an analytics tournament featuring Jito and airdrop coverage from our Solana community ambassadors. We also helped Jito acquire 155 unique new users that collectively staked over 1K $SOL through a self-funded campaign on Trails protocol (@TrailsProtocol on X).

Has the delegate historically been involved in protocol governance?

Flipside has been deeply involved in protocol governance for over 3 years, contributing with large delegations to leading DAOs including Aave, Maker, Optimism, Marinade, and many others.

Is the delegate committed to helping the Jito Network and Solana succeed? Explain.

Flipside’s business depends on the growth of the Solana network. We earn yield from our validator, which funds our analysts and maintains our free data tables for the public. Our interests are aligned with those of Jito - to create ecosystem growth and help decentralize the network.

Candidate Views

How should JitoSOL validator delegation balance performance (yield) versus decentralization goals?

Both performance and decentralization metrics matter, and finding the right balance between the two is critical to Jito’s long term success. That said, we believe that these two priorities are not mutually exclusive, and we will advocate for strategies and proposals that enhance returns and help grow the active user base while also avoiding a race to the bottom on validator commission. The better the performance, the more SOL there is to distribute, and the more robust the network becomes.

What should be the priorities for JTO liquidity mining and DAO token grants?

Although we recognize the importance of establishing deep, on-chain liquidity for the JTO token to avoid a negative user experience, we advocate for a prudent approach to liquidity mining and believe it should be used sparingly to conserve resources.

DAO token grants should always be aligned with long term protocol health and user growth. This, of course, can take many forms, and we would encourage DAO participants to keep an open mind and evaluate each opportunity on a case by case basis. We also believe that our on-chain analytics platform can be used to help monitor the success of token grants.

What are your goals for the DAO as a delegate?

Flipside’s mission is to enable blockchains and builders to succeed by driving positive outcomes. We bring that same goal to the Jito DAO, and we believe that we can help the DAO grow and succeed through increased transparency, data-driven decision making, and by maintaining public goods data infrastructure.

Solana delegation address: 4NTHMuRc3yqcWVJ8hxbnmnCCEzbgfe7yUtLVkdQazaGU