Delegate Proposal - Franklin DAO

What is the delegate’s identity and background?

Hello everyone! We’re FranklinDAO a leading student-run blockchain organization with students from The University of Pennsylvania’s undergraduate and graduate schools. We have over 100 general body members and are expecting many more in the semesters to come!

We have committees covering Governance, Research, Education, Investments, and Development/Web3. On the governance side, our team has different members leading initiatives for different protocols we are delegates for. Current Franklin DAO delegations include Aave, Compound, Uniswap, dYdX, Optimism, Maker, etc. Each week, governance leads will share updates with the club about new proposals and we will all debate about what to do before voting with our wallet.

Has the delegate historically contributed to the Jito Network?

We have been aware of Jito’s developments for a while now and have spoken to the team, but no direct involvement to this point. We do, however, look forward to contributing more in the future.

Has the delegate historically been involved in protocol governance?

Franklin DAO is among the top delegates in DAOs like Optimism, Compound, and Aave. In total, we have delegations to 12 protocols and growing. Our committee is comprised of a diverse group of students with extensive web3 and DeFi knowledge, enabling us to work collaboratively on voting, outreach, and idea generation. We also work alongisde our development committee to assist in more technical matters / deployments.

Is the delegate committed to helping the Jito Network and Solana succeed?

We are surely committed to helping the Jito Network and the Solana ecosystem succeed. Contributing as a governance delegate to Jito is probably one of the best ways to contribute to the growth of Solana at an infrastructure level. We also have past experience working on technical research with Flashbots which could act as a benefit to analyzing and generating ideas for proposals.

Candidate views

How should JitoSOL validator delegation balance performance (yield) versus decentralization goals?

While yields are what bring more participation via staking, it should not be the north star to evaluating performance. Decentralization and sustainability should be the main focus. By crafting goals to increase decentralization without significantly decreasing the yield this can be reached – increasing the economic security provided to Solana via Jito.

What should be the priorities for JTO liquidity mining and DAO token grants?

Priorities should be pointed towards increasing the sustainability of the DAO and innovation within the core product offering. This means increasing staked capital, scaling integrations, and innovating new methods to extend Jito’s influence within Solana.

What are your goals for the DAO as a delegate?

Franklin DAO aims to be an unbiased benefactor to the ecosystems we’re active in. Our main goals are to field and provide technical advisory while working with the rest of the DAO, delegates, and service providers to pave the best path forward for all.

Solana delegation address: 75HZBySNmWQuGj6GbdvuFzGyoLZUdgFs94nu44GcL6Ww

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