Delegate Proposal - JulI0 from

Identity and background

I started learning about blockchain three years ago and quickly got excited about Solana’s potential and its supportive community. I joined Solana’s Delegation program by running a test validator and later created a public dashboard for Solana validators called manystake(dot)com. Afterward, I became a mainnet validator under the name ManyStake and then after partnering with Latitude’s CEO. Now, I’m working on a new dashboard called Delegate(dot)sh.

Has the delegate historically contributed to the Jito Network?
I was one of the first validators on the Jito-Solana network. I shared my tools to help new validators join both Solana and Jito networks. I’ve personally helped many validators get started, and ManyStake was the first website to list Jito validators and advocate for rewards.

Has the delegate historically been involved in protocol governance?
I’ve been involved in Solana’s governance discussions led by Laine and participated in recent Blockzero events, showing my interest in how protocols are governed.

Is the delegate committed to helping the Jito Network and Solana succeed?
I strongly believe that delegates play a crucial role in the ecosystem’s success. I’m particularly interested in Stakenet and want to promote strategies that make the network more decentralized. I’m also working on ways to improve communication between validators and their supporters through my new dashboard project.

Candidate Views

Balancing JitoSOL Validator Delegation:
We need to find a good balance between earning rewards and keeping the network decentralized.

What should be the priorities for JTO liquidity mining and DAO token grants?
We should use DAO token grants to support educational materials, create secure dashboards, and improve liquidity in the network.

Goals for the DAO as a Delegate:
I want to provide clear insights into the network’s health and contribute to positive discussions that benefit both the network and Jito-Solana ecosystem.

Social Links:
X: /manystake
Discord: juli0_delegate_sh

Solana delegation address: 732Mu5LfMRtAkYLGgR6RBshAXj2GuLRxsavNA81kD69B