MEV-optimized staking for ETH pools

MEV-optimized staking for ETH pools//

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  1. Abstract

Best in class staking solution to expand reach to Ethereum L1.

  1. Motivation

MEV optimizations with JITO ironically works better on Ethereum in terms of how much inefficiency there is to be extracted. The expansion to Eth would further broaden JITO’s long term position in the industry and grant exposure to Solana ecosystem.

  1. Key Terms


  1. Specification

Would like technically trained contributors to assist.

6. Benefits/Risks

A brief analysis of the benefits and risks involved with the proposal.

7. Outcomes

A brief summary of the desired goals and outcomes of the proposal.

8. Cost Summary

The total cost of the proposal, broken down if needed.

9. Performance Milestones, if applicable

The performance milestones for any JIPs submitted in the Treasury category.


Hi kievery, thanks for you proposal! We’ve temporarily locked this thread since it does not meet JIP Draft criteria, but feel free to discuss more at length in Ideas and resubmit.

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