Delegate Proposal - MultiChainMike

Identity and Background

Delegate’s Identity and Background: I am Mike Fraietta, founder of EmpireDAO and an early board member of MonkeDAO, and co-signer for ConstitutionDAO2. I have substantial experience in large-scale financial governance, including a tenure at BNY Mellon. I have also serve as the president of my condo association board in Brooklyn. My diverse international living experience and entrepreneurial spirit deeply influence my approach to governance and decentralized systems.

Contributions to Jito Network: While my direct contributions to the Jito Network have been limited to staking/jitoSOL and product experimentation, my broader experience in decentralized governance and financial systems aligns with Jito’s objectives. My involvement in EmpireDAO and MonkeDAO showcases my commitment to building and nurturing decentralized communities.

Protocol Governance Experience: My governance experience is rooted in creating and nurturing decentralized organizations. As an early adopter and advocate of blockchain technology, I have contributed to shaping the governance models of various decentralized entities. My approach to governance is informed by a mix of innovative thinking and practical experience in managing complex systems.

Commitment to Jito Network and Solana: My commitment to the Jito Network and Solana is driven by a belief in the transformative power of decentralized systems. I view platforms like Jito as essential in promoting a fair, transparent, and efficient blockchain ecosystem. My goal is to contribute my expertise to further strengthen and decentralize the network.

Candidate Views

Balancing JitoSOL Validator Delegation: The balance between yield and decentralization is crucial. As a delegate, I would advocate for strategies that promote both network health and competitive returns. Ensuring the network remains robust and decentralized is paramount, with a focus on eliminating centralized points of failure and fostering a diverse validator ecosystem.

Priorities for JTO Liquidity Mining and DAO Token Grants: The primary focus should be on initiatives that advance the broader goals of Jito and Solana. This includes supporting projects that align with network security, decentralization, and scalability. DAO token grants should be strategically allocated to projects that demonstrate clear value-add to the ecosystem, with a focus on long-term sustainability.

Goals for the DAO as a Delegate: As a delegate, my primary goal is to ensure that the DAO operates transparently, efficiently, and in the best interests of its stakeholders. I aim to leverage my background in governance and finance to help guide the DAO towards strategic decisions that foster growth and innovation within the ecosystem.

Social Links:

Twitter (/mikefraietta)
LinkedIn (/fraietta)
Telegram (/multichainmike)
GitHub ( /MikeFraietta)

Wallet Address: 9pUb4V2o4gRCzAhZAFRXkW8JXzteC3oeUCkz9xQiTUu3

Closing Thoughts: As a delegate, I bring a unique blend of financial expertise, entrepreneurial vision, and a deep commitment to the principles of decentralization. My goal is to help shape the Jito Network, the Solana ecosystem, the broader web3 community, in a way that maximizes their potential for transforming the blockchain landscape.