Call for Delegates

The Jito Foundation is issuing a public call for delegates.

Individuals, institutions, and entities invested in guiding the future of the Jito Network should post a New Topic in the Governance Delegates forum section that follows the questionnaire guidelines below. Meanwhile, current JTO tokenholders are encouraged to consider allocating their voting power to prospective delegates.

In addition to the open call for further community engagement, the Jito Foundation will be delegating 5 million JTO voting power sourced from the Jito Foundation’s funds among a number of applicants in order to kickstart the governance process. The Jito Foundation will announce its delegate selections in the coming weeks with an accompanying Temperature Check.

While prospective community members will be welcome to post community delegation proposals here in perpetuity, those who wish to be considered for a portion of the Jito Foundation’s 5 million JTO token delegation should post an application by no later than Friday, February 2nd.

Users struggling with the delegation process or those who have inquiries regarding the questionnaire should contact

Users who wish to learn more about the delegation program’s goals and vision should read the Jito Foundation’s associated Blog Post.