JIP Template

Proposal Drafting

Authors shall use the JIP outline below to draft their proposal:

1. Title and Category

The name must be descriptive enough to understand what is being suggested but no longer than 4 sentences. The category must be one of the following:

Treasury (allocation of developer grants, funds, incentives, etc. from the Foundation’s on-chain treasury (the “Realms Treasury”))

Protocol Development (protocol upgrades via code contributions, developer relations and growth etc.)

Structure (changes to committees, special working groups, existing/new positions)

Process (changes to voting procedure, governance tools, guidelines, etc.)

Operations (special initiatives relating to branding, marketing, and operations)

2. Abstract

A summary of the entire proposal, no more than a single paragraph.

3. Motivation

A statement on why the DAO or the Foundation (as applicable) should implement this proposal.

4. Key Terms

Definitions of terms specific to the proposal or industry related jargon.

5. Specification

A detailed breakdown of what the proposal aims to change, the technologies/route of change needed to implement changes, and a concrete plan which outlines the steps and timeline required to make the change.

6. Benefits/Risks

A brief analysis of the benefits and risks involved with the proposal.

7. Outcomes

A brief summary of the desired goals and outcomes of the proposal.

8. Cost Summary

The total cost of the proposal, broken down if needed.

9. Performance Milestones, if applicable

The performance milestones for any JIPs submitted in the Treasury category.