Creating a telegram channel. Appointment of its editor

  1. Title: Сreating a telegram channel. Appointment of its editor, search for content creators
    Category: structure, operations

  2. Abstract: сreate a telegram channel for publishing news, entertainment content related to JITO and posting a complete description of the technology, in an understandable language for ordinary people (also an extended version for those who can understand engineering structures), a description of the structure of the community, fund, DAO, show where the profit comes from

  3. Motivation: attracting active people to the community, increasing confidence in JITO

  4. Key Terms: telegram channel - channel in the Telegram messenger for publishing content with (temporarily) disabled comments/chat, reactions

  5. Specification: create a telegram channel, publish a link to it on coinmarketcap,, discord (Twitter will wait for now).
    Appointment of its editor.
    Create a topic on the JITO forum about searching for content makers, for example, through a competition of graphic/video works, maybe music.
    Publish content about JITO
    Implementation time 72 hours - week, 2-3 people

  6. Benefits/Risks: highlighting content creators, emergence of content for publication on social networks, possible slowdown in the decline in the price of the JTO token or high volatility

  7. Outcomes: attracting active members to the community

  8. Cost Summary: from 64 man-hours to a week or less

  9. Performance Milestones: +100 new JITO forum users

I appreciate the effort here, however I feel like everyone keeps skipping the JIP ideas stage and going straight into draft. This draft doesn’t have enough details to move forward with. We need to identify responsible parties, content categories, estimate costs and establish some metrics to ensure these things have measurable outcomes.

I’d suggest moving this to the JIP - Drafts category to open it up for further discussion and feedback. As @jito stated in the previous draft which was submitted in MEV-optimized staking for ETH pools.

I think this is a good idea BTW, just needs to build up on the details and execution such that it’s actionable from here.



oh yes, I created a draft, but realizing that it was needed in the “ideas” category, I did not find the option, tool to edit

please move this topic to the “ideas” category
I hope I can edit there

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Great this is now in the changed category name. (Sorry my original reply doesn’t reflect the change in category name).

I suggest we do the following and put up for discussion:

Identify responsible parties
Who are we looking for here?
What are their skillsets and experiences?
How many people?
What kind of time commitment are we expecting?

Content categories
With any social media outlet, we want to ensure we have coverage of the things the channel will and will not discuss or be a part of.
Are there opportunities here to ensure that the channel sticks above the rest as a source of must follow?

Estimate costs
How much with the above details do we estimate this endeavor to cost?

Important Metrics
We want these to ensure these things have measurable outcomes. This creates the conditions by which we can see if the cost is warranted and if the key parties are delivering.

Some off the top of my head thoughts on the above:

  1. You want enough people to cover 24/7 across the landscape and at least to service inquiries with at least several additional people to exist on standby for support and management. Likely this is 4 staff full time, with on call with at least that many. These people should have strong communication skills and be able to evaluate content carefully and provide research and supporting information. They should service 8 hour shifts and be able to manage features of Telegram and other social sites.

  2. I’m not sure here except to convey and support Jito. MEV topics maybe, crypto topics… I’m not sure what you want someone for specifically that currently isn’t serviced in other avenues.

  3. 8 people with 4 on a 24hr shift at 8 hour intervals leads to ~30 hours billed per day which would demand say between $5-$25/hour would result in about $13k-$20k per month.

  4. Metrics would be total discord members, total telegram members / subscribers, total token holders, total engagements (across discord messages, telegram messages, twitter messages), total forum posts, total forum users, total messages, time to resolution, monthly reports for issue frequency, and likely many more.

Hope this helps guide the conversation and bring the discussion towards a potential draft.